Thermostatic Radiator Valves – Frustration!!!!!!!

I find my install at a bit of a dead end at the moment, when we were planning the system the expectation was that Loxone would have released a Air Capable wireless TRV, so no additional power or data connection was planned when we re-cabled the house. Sadly those products haven’t yet come to fruition almost 10 months after our install (Though Loxone do support EnOcean, which is a pretty expensive option).

With ADS updating our heating in the next few weeks I am now feeling a little confused as to what to do. Do I wait until Loxone release the products I need? or do I look at some of the alternatives that are out there.

I am talking of z-wave, zigbee and Lightwave RF. The issues I’m likely to encounter are that 1. I need to buy yet another controller device, and 2. How that device communicates with the Loxone. I’m sure there must be a way to connect and make the 2 systems communicate, but do I have the time or enthusiasm to get them working together?

After trying to contact the UK support numbers for Lightwave and getting a message saying that the mailbox is full I have very little confidence of getting any help from them. Perhaps I will be surprised?

I love the whole Loxone setup, the product is top notch, the tech support is top notch, but…. I have to admit to a being a little frustrated with the release schedule, at least in the UK. I can understand trying to get the Retr0fit market, and they do seem to be releasing products, but please a 4 button Air Remote, a smoke detector! The fact that theres no TRV solution yet is killing any hope of getting the technology out there (at least for my business), running cables is an expensive business but the biggest killer is the mess and tidying up that needs to be done to clean up afterwards. The real killer product is that wireless TRV, come on Loxone Choppy Choppy!

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