Feedback on the HP Stream 7

Well I took the HP Stream 7 into a couple of customers, and all were very positive about it, though none really got the chance to use it earnest though.

I think most people liked the price, at £75 its a real bargain, a full windows machine with a copy of Office *1 year subscription.

After actually attempting to use the device for the last week or so I have to say its biggest downfall is the screen resolution, things are just too small on it, to be useful, or rather to be more useful than say an iPhone 6+, for my usage the devices are really consumption devices not creation devices.

Whilst running Outlook 2013 on a 7″ tablet seems cool, i have to admit, i prefer the iPhone 6+ email experience, the size on the screen is just right.

So overall a great idea, but i think a bigger version would be more useful to me at least.

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