EE Kite field test

One of my quarterly trips up to Manchester airport to work with a customer has given me some time to test out my new EE kite 4g wifi point.

What can i say about it? well its very pretty, resembling a an iPhone 4s, in fact its so similar in size and look I was convinced it would fit perfectly in an old Speck case I have, I was wrong, its just ever so slightly smaller.



The customer site I visited today had a 1mbit internet connection due to their line being so long, after running with a 150+ mbit connection its hard work trying to run on 1mbit, hence bringing the EE Kite with me. Speeds were in the 12-14 bit range on the EE network, and battery life seems very good, it ran for just over 6 hours before i needed to plug some power in.

Once again I was surprised to find i’d used just over 1.6Gb of data today, just connecting my laptop to it, i don’t remember doing much on it either, just email, some Remote Desktop sessions, and a bit of general web browsing.

One small concern about security on the device, when you press the button on the right hand side, you can scroll through and find the wifi password, i wouldn’t want to leave it unattended.

On the whole I like the device, though it does feel a little lightweight when you pick it up, certainly nowhere near as heavy as an iPhone, but still has a quality feel to it, it looks a lot more business-like than the Osprey which is a fairly garish green/white box. It was definitely worth spending the additional £20 to get the Kite


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