Apple Fatigue

Normally I love Apple products, but of late I think I am getting tired of the mediocre updates they make to products, for which they extract maximum pricing for.

I upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the X several months after it was released and I love the phone, but I can’t find a reason to upgrade to the XS, even giving the X to my wife and picking up a new XS for myself doesn’t hold any appeal.

My iPad Air 2 is good enough that I don’t need to upgrade to the latest greatest model. I think that might just be due to IOS 12 which has clearly given new life to all but the oldest of IOS devices.

I sat through the Apple announcement for the new iPad Pro and Mac mini, but couldn’t get excited.

The new iPad Pro looks amazing, but I am consumer rather than a creator, my use of the iPad normally comprises of checking email and reading the news, though my wife carries out nearly all of her computing on her iPad Air 2, which quite frankly amazes me.

The new Mac mini looks interesting, but the prices are laughable for the tech, I mean £799 for an i3? really… I picked up an intel i3 Nuc with 4gb ram and a 256gb SSD for less than £400, the killer feature with the new mini is the eco-system, which is what I find keeps me in the Apple world these days rather than the innovation of the old days.

At the moment I am running a Mac Pro, I really dont know what I’ll replace it with when it shuffles off this mortal coil. I am starting to wonder if a high specced Mac mini can do the job, by the look of it. My Mac Pro hit the £4500 mark very quickly with very few upgrades, I can get the same in a Mac mini for £2200 all in.

At the end of the day the equipment I’ve currently got does everything I need it to, and with the increased pricing  from Apple I am not feeling the need to upgrade at the moment.

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