Cheap Charts – Find Bargains on the Itunes store

Recently we’ve started buying movies from the Itunes store. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s easy to miss the keenly priced films, that is until I discovered an app called Cheapcharts, someone, somewhere is monitoring the store for media that’s either on offer, or price reduced. Whilst i’ve used Cheapcharts for movie purchases, they also list books, audiobooks, apps, music and TV shows in the app itself, you can also view the same deals plus Mac apps from their […]


Loxone IR Air Control

Hard to believe that this module is now 4 years old, i was one of the fools who invested in the originaly IR Module, which I have to admit caused us no end of problems Back in 2014 when we first installed my system, we managed to blow up 2 mini-servers in day by wiring the IR Module incorrectly. 24volt accross the inputs on the mini-server really didnt go down to well, and produced a not inconsiderable amount of smoke […]