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I’m a big fan of Meraki wifi, with a great range of what I would class high end wi-fi products. Its a hard sell to most businesses and even more so to potential or existing smart home customers. Until now i’ve been installing the Unifi range of products for customers as it ticks a lot of boxes for the price, but i’ve never been truly happy with it. I was excited to hear about a new Meraki product family called […]

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Upgrade Time!

With last weeks installation of Sky Q, I finally decided to take advantage of the HD Anywhere Black Friday pricing, and ordered an MHub 4k Pro 4×4. The price was incredibly reasonable, and it looks to be a very good upgrade from my old MHub 4k 4×3+1, I especially love the LCD screen on the front, which makes it look far more up-market. I went for a Saturday morning delivery, giving me plenty of time to install without being interrupted […]

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Apple Fatigue

Normally I love Apple products, but of late I think I am getting tired of the mediocre updates they make to products, for which they extract maximum pricing for. I upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the X several months after it was released and I love the phone, but I can’t find a reason to upgrade to the XS, even giving the X to my wife and picking up a new XS for myself doesn’t hold any appeal. My […]


Winter’s here… first Loxone casualty.

Well winter has pretty much arrived, as has Loxone version 10 and the enhanced app with notifications of system problems. We’ve finally turned on the heating, and one of our Air valves has died on us, it still makes all the right noises, and appears to work, but has been reporting that there is no valve present.  To be fair, since we bought it, its not been 100% right, but it was only in our conservatory so we didnt really […]

Sky Q

Sky Q here we come.

Well its been more than 3 years since we had any form of subscription TV, we’ve used what we saved over paying the mortgage each month, but the time has come to to go back to Sky. Our primary reason for giving up Sky was our monthly subscription was hovering around the £80 per month, which I thought was a little too mucb. Many of my customers have been singing the praises of Sky Q, so we took a look […]

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Raspberry Pi & Smart Homes

For some time now I’ve been integrating Raspberry Pi’s with my Loxone system, for the price they are unbeatable, for less than £50 we have a full blown computer which uses minute amounts of power and can do so much. Currently I have 2 Pi’s integrated into the system one of which enables the Loxone to play a track to the Sonos devices around the house mimicking the functionality of the Loxone music server, for doorbells and alarms. The other […]

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Loxone Reseller Program

I’m currently a Silver Loxone Partner, but will revert to being a Registered Partner come November. I don’t write many negative posts about Loxone, as I love the technology and truly believe its one of the best most capable solutions out there,  but I do think they have a small problem with the program. Partner status relies on a defined spend each year, not a competency earned from an exam. Of late, yearly training is required, which is a step […]

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More Apple Products!

Recently I’ve picked up both a pair of Apple AirPods and a HomePod, Apple’s latest and greatest audio devices. I was intrigued as to how the HomePod stacks up against my beloved Sonos devices, in my opinion one HomePod vs one Sonos Play 1, the winner is clearly the HomePod, it changes in favour of Sonos when pairing two Play 1’s, the sound is much brighter and the stereo separation is noticeable.   

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6 months since I last blogged.

Its been a while since my last post. I’ve not become any less enamoured with smart homes, but its finally dawned on me that there isn’t that much more than I can do with my house, I think I’ve automated just about everything I can for the time being. My old complaint about voice control not supported by Loxone is long gone, as is my enthusiasm for voice assistants generally. We had a selection of devices including several Echo Dot’s […]