Timbuk2 Custom Messenger

I’ve been a long time fan of the Timbuk2 range of messenger bags. Timbuk2 hails from San Francisco, with both design and manufacturing being done in its Mission neighbourhood store, which I had the chance to visit back in January. One of the coolest features Timbuk2 have is that they will either repair a bag during its life or offer you a trade-in against a new one, my trusty D-Lux had some issues with the velcro fastening coming away from […]

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How things change.

I’ve recently changed my car to the 2016 Kia Sportage, the same model as that I saw back at CES 2016, from what I saw back then I knew it was going to be a big upgrade, to be honest its like a different car. On to the point of my article. whilst the sales man was going through all the new features of the car, all I could think of was its just a sensor with a bit of […]

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Voice Control

I’ve had an Amazon Alexa and a few Dot’s since they were released in the UK. I was initially quite excited to get the product, but it didn’t take long for me my enthusiasm to wane and lose interest in it. The initial novelty of asking Alexa what the time was, or what tomorrow’s weather is, soon became boring. I spoke to Loxone tech support about it, and the general response was perhaps one day, but it wasn’t a priority. […]

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Services That Are Out Of Your Control…..

Many moons ago I took a brief look at SmartThings and obviously registered a Hub with them, occasionally I still get emails extolling the virtues of their system, but this morning I woke up to this: So basically you lose all control of your system when the back end of the system goes down. My first thought being, what happens when Samsung bores of this product? do they just turn off the servers and you are left with a handful […]

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CAT 7… Is it worth it?

I’ve taken to running a few more cables myself these days, Loxone were really pushing their CAT 7 at the last course I went on, so I thought i’d pick up a reel and see what all the fuss was about. Why would you want to CAT 7? well according to Loxone the following reasons: It Works! well Loxone test everything with CAT7 cable, so if you want it guaranteed to work with all their shiny new devices, thats the […]



I’ve never thought the Loxone Air Socket was one of the most attractive pieces of kit that Loxone sell, so the suggestions made a few years back when I was talking with Omid at Loxone was to mount the innards in a back box to control a pair of normal power sockets. Obviously stripping the kit down means the warranty goes down the drain, I wasn’t too worried about that just how safe it would be, my sparky wired it […]

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Loxone Reseller Program

I’ve not been a massive fan of the Loxone reseller program since its revamp announcement at the end of last year, I thought it was a little unfair to people in my situation, Smart Homes aren’t my primary business, IT is, I just don’t do enough projects in the course of a year to hit the new selling targets. As a result i’ve been reduced in level to a “Registered Partner” which doesn’t get me much in the way of […]


How exciting is a new cable tester?

A couple of years ago I bought a fluke network cable tester for very little, thinking it would be the dogs nuts! it has tons of features i’m never going to use, and spares for it are excessively expensive. My network cabling guy got really excited that i’d got a bargain until he saw it and then proclaimed it was a pile of crap!  I kind of believed him as it didn’t appear to be that great for on-site use […]

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Nest Protect (230v)

Its been a while since we fitted our first NEST device, I’ve never been a fan of anything Google does, in my opinion they never finish products and then seem to pull all the ones i’ve ever liked the look of! Anyway our existing smoke alarm started to have some problems, if it went off the only way to turn it off was to flick the breaker to cut the power. I’m always a little a little wary of touching […]