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What’s to blame?

Called out to our first customer this week to look at some issues with his Loxone system. There were a number of problems, firstly he couldn’t access his mini-server from outside his network, then he couldn’t access the mini-server from his already configured IPad’s, then finally his heating didn’t seem to be coming on. Where to look? Until several months ago, said customer had a bog standard DSL connection running through a Draytek modem, which was gave me the option […]

Home Automation

Smart Home disabled by a £10 SD Card!

A new version of the Mini-server firmware was released a week or so ago, in 2 and a half years i’ve installed the new firmware without issue. This latest one has been a nightmare, and I would love to say it was Loxone’s fault, I’m glad its not really as it wouldnt inspire confidence in the product, no the blame lies firmly with a micro-SD card. Several months ago we had a small power blip that managed to corrupt the […]


This stuff is so cool, but oh so complicated!

For some reason we are having seriously short battery lives on the air devices such as switches and temperature sensors we’ve installed. When looking at the devices in the Loxone config application their signal strength has been listed as 1-2 bars. We’ve tried the various changing of the frequencies used, with little effect to be honest with you. After discussion with James at Loxone I decided to buy another Air extension to locate on the in the loft cabinet with the other […]


Garden Lighting Courtesy Of Loxone….

Our latest project on the house has been to make the garden usable throughout the year. The ground is incredibly boggy, due to the fact theres about 50cm’s of earth on top of solid clay. Once the heavens open up for a few days the grass has been disappearing under water. Our solution was to remove the grass altogether and gravel the garden, thus raising the height of the ground by another 6cm’s probably just enough to to hide the […]


The Iphone 7 – Its here!

Once again a new generation of Iphone has been released, mine was delivered on release day, probably more through luck than judgement, as I went for my usual boring Silver / White combo, I still have friends waiting on their Jet Black devices to be delivered. Personally I am starting to find the Apple announcements even duller than the previous ones, Apple really don’t seem to be innovating much these days. I’m also starting to wonder what they or any […]

Home Automation

Ring Doorbell : Great Idea, Poor execution.

Ever since Loxone did something that stopped the Foscam camera we have from working with the mini-server, we’ve found ourselves thinking there was something missing from the system. There doesn’t seem to much in the way of alternatives, I guess that Loxone want you to buy their own Intercom system, well at over £750 thats never going to happen for us, so when we saw the Ring doorbell we thought we’d struck gold (We should have read the 1 star […]


The Ipad Pro

I watched the release of the IPad pro back in September last year, and couldn’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want a device that size, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade, as essentially its just a big IPad, isn’t it? Over the years i’ve tried various IPad keyboards and never been impressed, from no-name devices through to Logitech ones, they have always seemed very obvious they were just add-on’s, not something that just worked or fit […]


Spring Cleaning

Its officially spring time, and as per tradition, time to clean the house, only this time, I’ve been cleaning up digitally, we had a ton of media on our NAS drive that we were never ever going to watch, I say had, as its now gone, freeing up approcimately 250Gb of space, the good news? I now don’t need to buy any more disks to expand our storage. I’ve also been getting frustrated with the number of options displayed on […]

Consumer Electronics Show

CES : 2017???

For the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve come back from CES saying “never again….” which then morphs into “maybe every 2 years” but as the ticket release date nears, I always succumb to the temptation, for “just another quick trip to Vegas”. This year however I’m pretty sure i’ll be missing the next CES, whilst there were new products to see, there was nothing special, this year we saw the same products, but they were thinner, smaller, lighter and […]

CES 2016

CES : Fridges With Screens!

The best new thing Samsung could bring to CES? well it has to be the Family Hub Fridge! a huge american style fridge with a 21″ tablet installed on one side. About the only reason to buy one seems to be watch football, when you can’t see the main screen, and your picking your beer.