What’s to blame?

December 3, 2016 Living With Loxone 0

Called out to our first customer this week to look at some issues with his Loxone system. There were a number of problems, firstly he couldn’t access his mini-server from outside his network, then he […]


The Iphone 7 – Its here!

September 28, 2016 Living With Loxone 0

Once again a new generation of Iphone has been released, mine was delivered on release day, probably more through luck than judgement, as I went for my usual boring Silver / White combo, I still […]

The Ipad Pro

September 18, 2016 Living With Loxone 0

I watched the release of the IPad pro back in September last year, and couldn’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want a device that size, I didn’t feel the need to […]

Spring Cleaning

March 28, 2016 Living With Loxone 0

Its officially spring time, and as per tradition, time to clean the house, only this time, I’ve been cleaning up digitally, we had a ton of media on our NAS drive that we were never […]

CES : 2017???

January 26, 2016 Living With Loxone 0

For the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve come back from CES saying “never again….” which then morphs into “maybe every 2 years” but as the ticket release date nears, I always succumb to the […]

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