The all singing all dancing Loxone Air Touch

In a bid to try and get as many pieces of kit in the house to demonstrate the capabilities of the Loxone system, i’ve bought a few more pieces of kit, this morning i took delivery of the new Loxone Air Touch.

Here’s the unboxing:

Unboxing the Loxone Air Touch Its backside

With 5 switches, a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor this bad boy was screaming to be installed in the conservatory, when I first heard about the AIR concept I wasn’t convinced, though as Loxone release more and more of these devices I become more convinced its the way forward.



My only real complaint is the lack of documentation provided with the products, a simple sheet showing which button is button 1 through 5, wouldn’t be out of place in the box.

Installation was as simple as ever, 2 screws on the wall for the bracket, and a simple search and add device on the Loxone config software, and the inputs appear and are read to configure.

Another great little product from Loxone.

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