Smart Home : A Step Too Far For Me

For the last few weeks i’ve been trying to get some ideas for where to go next with the home automation, the only thing I can really think of is to install one of the new smart locks that are on the market.

We allow the house to pretty much decide when the heating and lighting come on, but for some reason neither my wife or I feel comfortable with a smart lock.

There is something reassuring about having a physical key in your pocket, though logically a standard lock is probably easier to pick than sniffing a network for the command to unlock a door.

Most of the devices i’ve seen reviewed, have been battery powered, not a great problem, but adding a battery to a lock, makes me ask the questions a) how long will the battery last? and b) what happens when the battery runs flat?

My other concern is how my home insurer would react to a non-standard lock, at some point I think I should ask the question, just to see what the reaction is, probably another one of those “we’ll have to refer to the underwriter” moments.

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