New Heating System, New Cabinet

Well several days of setup and configuration, and we now have a mains pressurised heating system, controlled from the Loxone.

The new cabinet has very little in it so far, a Multi Extension Air, 2 power Supplies and an RGBW Air module.


We’ve also added a small 10 port patch panel to link the 1-wire sensors, rather than terminal blocks, as we’ve used in the past.

The multi air extension was chosen as it has a good selection of inputs and outputs, plus a One Wire and a DMX, which whilst we’re not adding LED’s at the moment, I am sure in the future we will be adding more.

I wish I understood the need for all the cabling on the hot water tank, but alas that one eludes me at the moment.


Now to get used to how to program it correctly, we’re currently having a very random issue that the heating turns on randomly, but i think that may be my lack of understanding of the MV input on the heating controller. This afternoon will be spent checking it out.


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