More Coloured LED Strip

I’ve decided I should leave the wiring on my installation to the electricians, they do a far neater and quicker job than I am capable of, saying that I did manage to install another strip of colour LED’s in my office.

With the purchase of the multi-air module the other week, I had a spare DMX module available, we still have one DMX ready for when we update the bathroom, which may be some time!

We currently have 50mm deep trunking on the wall to accommodate the various power and network sockets in use, my master plan involved using some 25mm trunking on top with the LED strip inside it to ensure that your eyes don’t look directly at the LED’s.

A few silly mistakes and a call to Loxone about flashing LED’s (and I hadn’t programmed them that way), I realised there was a small amount of cable at the far end of the strip that was shorting out, ¬†some insulating tape and a pair of snips and the problem disappeared.



Another lesson which I should have remembered¬†from the previous LED strip installs we’ve done, is to make sure that the walls have relatively few blemishes, as the coloured lighting picks any imperfections out, and can look awful.

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