Loxone Config is here!

With a full list of changes to the config software, though I don’t think there’s much that affects either my install, or my customer’s setups, unlike the previous update


Fixed Bugs:

  • Alarm can not be used if disable-input is set (ID: 50724417)
  • fixed crash after deleting mediaserver (ID: 50840198)
  • deletion of Music Server Zones fixed (ID: 50220477)
  • cut/paste with multiple Music Server Zones (ID: 50442692)
  • crash when configuring MediaClient (ID: 50617157)
  • error-mails for musicserver (ID: 50680726)
  • Fire Alarm Min Version fixed


New Features:

  • Deleting a Air Device from the Config Files sets the device to Learn Mode (ID: 38422513)
  • Support HTTPS at Virtual Outputs (ID: 7080; 41777078)
  • Connection dialog: “Clear history” option added (ID: 36721592, 43062906)
  • Connection dialog: If no connection is possible the Ip Adress from the open document will automatically be tried next (ID: 42267986)
  • Connection dialog: login data can be deleted (Delete the “remember Password” checkbox) (ID: 43062906)
  • RS485 Sensors can send/receive up to 512 characters (256 before) (ID: 40146913)
  • replacing 1Wire, DMX, Extensions, EnOcean sensors/aktors directly is possible now (ID: 41765904)
  • Own dialog for peripherals search added (ID: 42605848)
  • category symbol for “time” added (ID: 42948398)
  • New meter types for the Loxone Meter Reader IR Air (ID: 44195555)
  • New Modbus Templates added (ID: 47427413)
  • Link Errors integrated into the System Mailer (ID: 40012246)


New Templates:

  • Pluggit Avent 310 ventilation template added (ID: 42270124)
  • Kostal inverters added (ID: 43737988)
  • Eastron SDM630 Modbus template added (ID: 39798393)
  • D&W Templates for RS232 added (ID: 45265712)

 Fixed Bugs:

Miniserver Update:

  • If Update File already exists on the Miniserver it won’t be sent again (ID: 8749)
  • consumption conter values move from “today” to “yesterday” after an Miniserver update (ID: 37903919)
  • Without choosing the Backup Option when doing an Update the Folder will be created anyway (ID: 40877156)



  • Summarize alle Client/Gateway documents to one big document
  • Room/kategory from Clients are set to “don’t use” (ID: 7758)
  • In the Client files no user are added to the user groups (ID: 38251399)
  • Insert new room/kategory in Client document (ID: 7757)
  • Can’t load out of a gateway document if it has not the same Config Version (ID: 39789915)
  • The page stays if a miniserver is deleted in the document (ID: 39901934)
  • If already a gateway in the document exists and a new client is added a second Gateway is added automatically in the periphery (ID: 40889352)
  • Changes in building a Client/Gateway File (ID: 39794488)
  • No new page added when new Client added (ID: 40251926)
  • Liveview does not start automatically after a Miniserver reboot at the Clients pages (ID: 41158168)
  • memory flags does not work always at Clients (ID: 41173111)
  • Working with outputs on different Miniservers (ID: 41148581)
  • Client does not always accept program of the Gateway (ID: 41633019)
  • After connecting to the client not connection to the Gateway is possible anymore (ID: 41821257)
  • Gateway statusupdates are very slow (ID: 40237794)
  • Liveview starts only if any object on open page is clicked (ID: 42269213)
  • Gateway sets times of all clients in a network (ID: 44872663)
  • Virtual inputs which are added in a Client Document don’t work in the Gateway document (ID: 42631252)
  • Liveview values don’t show up at Client pages (ID: 45717404)
  • Miniserver Reboot when saving to a big Client/Gateway (ID: 44983513)


Energymonitor (before Fronius/production counter):

  • inaccuracy at yield calculation repaired (ID: 40162537)
  • After a year change the total consumption is set to 0 (ID: 40531371)
  • With block inputs the total consumption can’t work with point numbers (ID: 43381541)
  • Statistics automatically switches to “every change” every time the file is saved and opened again (ID: 45582074)



  • Energymanager tuns on as soon as the smallest consumption can be activated (ID: 44197382)
  • description of the energymanager changed(ID: 41910793)
  • Timer at the energy manager won’t be set to 0 if a new values is coming (ID: 42415833)


Media controller:

  • If a mode is choosen directly by the input AIm is set to a wrong value (ID: 39946074)
  • command list at the media controller can not be scrolled with the mousewheel (ID: 38375363)
  • characters at a mode can’t be deleted with the “Entf” button (ID: 42433296)


Intelligent room controller:

  • improved control behavior (ID: 41772485)
  • Sometimes room controller are not shown in the Smart Home App (ID: 42859108)
  • second cooling circuit added (Outputs AQc2 and Qc2) (ID: 40721167)


Burglar alarm:

  • After a Miniserver restart the burglar alarm can’t be deactivated anymore (ID: 8079)
  • waiting time after start blocks alarm reactivation (ID: 39535447)
  • DisMv added (ID: 8127)
  • remanence is not set when inserting a new burglar alarm object (ID: 41396656)


Sauna controller:

  • Sauna controller with evaporator also possible without PWM (ID: 8239)
  • Improvint control behavior of the sauna controller (ID: 36902592)


Timer / schedule:

  • Times can only be edited with the mouse on the right side (ID: 37908160)
  • Times are put together to soon (ID: 37979708)
  • a new time directly after another time is not possible at a digital timer (ID: 39918339)
  • description of AQmt edited (ID: 41150023)
  • Times without time between possible (Bsp.: 00:01-00:01 Uhr ) (ID: 43162469)



  • Changes at comparison operator are deleting the value (ID: 40253357)
  • Input values can’t be forwarded to the output (ID: 41775021)
  • Not all string comparison operators work properly (ID: 42277380)


blinds / automatic blinds:

  • Work of slats position (AIl) and blinds position (AIp) improved (ID: 38144224, 38144224, 3859, 38144224)
  • Motor lock will be ignored unter speciall circumstances (ID: 39543657)
  • If automatic is started by the visualisation it can’t be deactivated anymore (ID: 45162011)


Lighting controller:

  • No Fading when activating a Szene by the “MV” input (ID: 41491322)
  • Alarm light stays on after the alarm sometimes (ID: 8066)
  • Parameter W does not work correctly sometimes when parameter “Min”is bigger than “0” (ID: 45259138)


Music Server Zone:

  • Webservices changed (ID: 36707278, 44305762)



  • Adding a Logger to a memory flag is not shown in the peripherie (ID: 38501083)
  • When deleting a Logger the config crashes sometimes (ID: 40150686)
  • Logger at TQ of a access controller inserts empty entrys after access was granted (ID: 8892)


Memory flag:

  • More than one memory flags will be inserted even though only one is selected (ID: 43046672)
  • memory flag references get lost after deleting and inserting a memory flag again (ID: 36376504)
  • A unit will be inserted automatically at the memory flag (ID: 41199114)
  • No symbol for the memory flag is shown in the toolbar (ID: 44082876)
  • Memory flag jumps to the page with the output reference (ID: 45125633)


Central Object:

  • Values are not forwarded if they already exist at the program start (ID: 42857644)
  • blinds can be synchronised by a long time click on the input (ID: 39429389)
  • central object shows itself in the detailed view. (ID 8926)


Ir Control Air:

  • After deleting a remote control the buttons stay in the peripherie (ID: 38360939)
  • A Remote control with “+” in the name can be added but can not be used correctly (ID: 38360571)
  • Learn Mode can not be stopped if changes in the Config File are done (ID: 38372409)


Multi Extension Air:

  • Digital Outputs are not shown correctly in the visualisation (ID: 40124398)
  • If polling cycle is set to (0) at 1 Wire devices the whole bus does not send values anymore (ID: 40409728)
  • More than 3 iButtons on one Multi Extension Air don’t work correctly (ID: 38916219)
  • After deleting a Multi Extension Air out of the Config file it can not be used anymore until the Config is restarted (ID: 38229208)
  • display error on the Multi Extension Air at the properties of the acces object (ID: 38228964)



  • Nilan Function Code 16 does not work (ID: 40659764)
  • modbus sensor polling timer overflow bug (ID: 40515523)


Modbus TCP:

  • Read Coil/Input Status does not work (ID: 37249145)
  • cyclic sending of Modbus TCP outputs not possible (ID: 42265031)
  • Digital Modbus TCP Inputs are not shown correctly in the visualisation (ID: 45468835)


Meter Reader IR Air:

  • polling timer can not be edited by user (ID: 36483231)
  • If no connection possible a output is set
  • selection of different meter types possible



  • Sensors are not shown correctly in visualisation sometimes (ID: 39517964)
  • EIS actors are not shown correctly in visualisation (ID: 40132351)
  • EIB Sensors don’t update the values anymore after some time (ID: 39909909)
  • EIB Learn button does not open EIB monitor (ID: 38699798)



  • Webinterface does not show heating times in the overview (ID: 44076808)
  • For the color “Green” the wrong value is shown in the property window (ID: 39404729)
  • Different Strings are not shown in the Webinterface and in the Apps (ID: 39544938)
  • Start time at tasks can only be edited one time (ID: 38325972)
  • Units of the Weatherdata are not changed in the Webinterface if edited in the Config File (ID: 40514026)
  • Zoom Options in Webinterface edited (ID: 44325781)


description updates

  • description at door controller edited (ID: 38324981; 38233124)
  • description at room/kategory edited (ID: 44088367)
  • description at mailer edited (ID: 8845)
  • description at extern IP Adress edited (ID: 41898255)


Security addons

  • Added Brute Force attack protection: an attacker would not be able to run a full brute force attack in a timely manner as the miniserver locks out the attackers (ip’s) for a period of time. The time until a next password can be tried raises on each failed attempt. An authorized user would not be affected by the timeout and can access the miniserver. We strongly recommend to always choose a safe password for your miniserver and all your online identities.
  • Better protection against Social Engineering attacs (clicking groomed links
  • Better protectain against “Denial of Service”
  • Better protectain against spying passwords
  • Find more about security improvements and fixes in our Loxone Miniserver security audit follow up >


Other fixed Bugs:

  • If scanning time at the heating mixer is smaller then the run Time the mixer does not stop anytime (ID: 37683184)
  • sending cycle at “Temperature- and humadity Sensor Air” can be edited by the user (ID: 35845846)
  • user are shown 2 times in te user group “All” (ID: 38357762)
  • receiving strength in the Device status is wrong sometimes (ID: 38682967)
  • Export of statistics exports more than just the chosen statistics (ID: 37905630)
  • negativ Values at the object “Min Max duration” are not working correctly(ID: 39401490)
  • Webservice “dev/sps/getstatsdate” does not work after saving into the Miniserver (ID: 37251181)
  • Analog Inputs show “°C” in the Livew instead of “V” (ID: 38265617)
  • Wrong URL if changed from Intercom to other Camera at the door controller (ID: 37361566)
  • Cabinet which is chosen at the Miniserver is not directly shown at the Extension as a Option (ID: 38344269)
  • Copying of Category/Room does not work (ID: 38233086)
  • Validation at Smart Socket Air will not be saved if a document is saved (ID: 38224951)
  • Cyclic sending at Virtual Outputs does not work (ID: 36605553)
  • “days since 2009” will be changed at a year change at 1 o’clock (ID: 39180209)
  • If outputs are negated at a EIB push button he can not be used in the visualisation anymore (ID: 38683806)
  • system message Mailer sends empty messages (ID: 38602727)
  • Operating mode Outputs can be copied (ID: 39404873)
  • If a room/category is deleted “Cancel” is clicked the room/kategory are not added again (ID: 38115369)
  • If choosing the AirBase at a Miniserver GO the page chosen at the moment is still selected (ID: 38134393)
  • Names edited if a new temperature sensor is inserted (ID: 39739156)
  • If a value at a analog output is changed after saving into the Miniserver it is not changed at the Miniserver (ID: 8026)
  • It is possible to typ whatever you want into the serial number field (ID: 8912)
  • Config crashes when a MusicServer will be deleted from the document (ID: 39920968)
  • Edited description if the Config needs a Update (ID: 37077354)
  • name for category/room can not be changed (ID: 39774937)
  • Admin user without password can be saved to the Miniserver (ID: 37794782)
  • Problems occur at Virtual HTTP Inputs when reading point numbers (ID: 40632457)
  • The Samsung Power command is edited at the remote control template (ID: 40417925)
  • Different Names for RGBW Dimmer DMX (ID: 8950)
  • Inserting more than 1 1Wire sensor at the same time does not work (ID: 38341463)
  • Config crashes sometimes when clicking on the Miniserver page (ID: 38341463)
  • Changes in the document name are not saved correctly (ID: 41397154)
  • Virtual input standard values edited (ID: 41910963)
  • Loading remanence files sets the Relais outputs On/OFF for a short time (ID: 38223369)
  • Converting MiniserverGO documents to Miniserver Documents does not work correctly (ID: 41770218)
  • Central object can not turn “push button+/-” object ON/OFF (ID: 41661017)
  • Dimmer object: Parameter W has no function (ID: 42000988)
  • Switch off delay does not work anymore if time is added while the counter is already running (ID: 42280338)
  • Analog memory with set remanence gives a value to the output if file is saved to the Miniserver (ID: 8435)
  • Umlauts in document names are not saved correctly (ID: 42497607)
  • If you want to insert objects via. F5 the first “Button down” click does not do anything (ID: 41392005)
  • In the device status no Type is shown for some objects (ID: 42496455)
  • Trigger at the mutlfifunction switch can’t be turned of after Input “O” was set (ID: 37984785)
  • 1Wire Monitor Data edited (ID: 42617601)
  • 2 central objects which work with the same objects block each other (ID: 42459377)
  • In the connection dialog the first 2 entrys can be chosen with the “Button down” (ID: 41628667)
  • Infrared Remote Controls which are exportet don’t save the “Toggle” (ID: 42030448)
  • DMX rounds wrong (ID: 42023327)
  • The Virtual state does not show correct Values in the Liveview if point numbers are user (ID: 42280365)
  • Increased timeout for Doorcontroller pictures (ID: 41269550)
  • Standardparameter at Dimmer object raised (ID: 43256961)
  • radiobuttons Parameter “Max” works displaced by one number (ID: 43379935)
  • Convert of wordwrap in notes don’t work correctly (ID: 44088308)
  • If Objects are deleted/inserted the position in the programming window changes (ID: 42458793)
  • Names of RGBW/RGB dimmer is shown 2 times if inserted automatically (ID: 44303146)
  • Chosing Output references can lead to Config crashes sometimes (ID: 44544600)
  • Name changes at peripherie objects inserts some characters 2 times (ID: 45319566)
  • double high comma in a description leads to problems in the visualisation of the App (ID: 44333281)
  • Remanence is not saved if “Continuous ON” is set at the multifunction switch (ID: 44191713)
  • Preset-Name gets lost when loading from Miniserver (ID: 44767758)
  • Weather status update fixed (ID: 45253869)
  • crash in property window after deletion fixed (ID: 45958511)
  • page positions saved (ID: 42525897)
  • Fixed automatic installation of new version (ID: 44975063)
  • Fixed Radio-Objects Parameter Ma in visualisation (ID: 45488201)
  • energy manager midnight reset fixed (ID: 45840754)
  • Info for maximum Logo size edited (ID: 45845741)
  • fixed layout of lightcontroller on startpage (ID: 45281678)
  • fixed replace list for 1-wire devices (ID: 46087176)
  • Template handling enhanced (ID: 43618735)
  • enlarged text input in state dialog (ID: 37597171)
  • Fixed mode activation with calendar entry (ID: 45742456)
  • Music Server Zone edited
  • no access to webinterface after some time (tcp-error) (ID: 44981151)
  • improved configuration dialogue UI (ID: 49798632)
  • Backup: Files are retried when failed (ID: 49771773)
  • Fixed SSL Mail retries (ID: 49771773)
  • TCP Task stall due to race condition (ID: 49854315)
  • Replacing AirDevice from AirMonitor (ID: 49045877)
  • show deprecation notice popup when opening the admin interface
  • better handling when connecting from Config with invalid user (ID: 49671500)
  • switched order of street and town in resulting string from configuration dialogue (ID: 50005143)
  • network infos when DCHP is used (ID: 49855509)
  • connection handling when switching Miniservers (ID: 49855860)
  • corrected label sizes in connection dialog (ID: 49802613, 49801830)
  • VirtualOUT HTTP can now override Content-Type field (ID: 49492928)
  • /dev/sps/event websocket fixed (ID: 49036810)
  • energymanager battery bug fixed (ID: 49754873)
  • SD-Format: Use local image if possible (ID: 48937376)
  • Digital UDP inputs stay “ON” after the first command received (ID: 46746496)
  • Alarm clock ignores DisP input (ID: 44779911)
  • Major bugs concerning alarm clock fixed (ID: 47589298)
  • Connecting lines sometimes show up obliquely (ID: 45982843)
  • Gate controller hides parameters, inputs and outputs if not needed for a special usecase (ID: 44079178)
  • Toilet controller rebuilt (ID: 44301541)
  • If the Device status is opened in any other language than German a error window shows up (ID:
  • 46701628)
  • Overdue time won’t be sent for Hour counter, if no maintenance is used (ID: 46493239)
  • Meter Reader IR Air is not shown in the periphery (ID: 46715224)
  • If connection to Miniserver with the Config failed a link is shown to help find out the problem (ID: 39551704)
  • Central object shows a category/room but can’t be edited (ID: 47322402)
  • Blinds do not work properly if “0” is inputted to AIp (ID: 43819902)
  • HTTP outputs work very slow (ID: 46711104)
  • RGB light scene can not be saved from a smart phone (ID: 43415644)
  • Objects are not sent to apps/web interface if category/room is set to “not used” (ID: 44778815)
  • Door controller can’t connect to a camera if intercom checkbox is not set (ID: 47073355)
  • Sorting of backups edited (ID: 41196746)
  • If Consumption counter is used the Loxone Classic App shows “Waiting for Updates” continuously[nbsp (ID: 45575564)
  • Program is identical when activating simulation and shows liveview values (ID: 47584804)
  • Intelligent room controller, Heating Block US, IRC, Heating Block US, heating curve and heating mixer send system messages if problem occurs (ID: 46850779)
  • EnOcean Valve: added battery weak input to failure mail (ID: 45953130)
  • Sauna stops working when Tn or Td is 0 (ID: 47593192)
  • Fixed missing Asian time zones (ID: 45467947)
  • Having more than one Access controller causes them not to work properly (ID: 47690870)
  • % display in Loxone Config deleted
  • “Status Only” checkbox edited (ID: 47804045)
  • EnOcean contact with battery monitor edited (ID: 47722431)
  • Red Symbol on top of objects used together with the Central object is not used anymore (ID: 47723036)
  • Multifunction switch does not work if Parameter TH is used (ID: 44412613)
  • If IP address is changed, the previous user & password remains (ID: 46831952)
  • Local address does not work if checkbox for external address is set (ID: 46720648)
  • Improved usability of connect dialog (ID: 46720648)
  • Memory flag references get lost if the reference was on a client and the origin reference on a gateway (ID: 46690289)
  • Fixed GW memory conversion
  • Fixed GW constant conversion (ID: 47913164)
  • Fixed diagonal parameter connections (ID: 47496381)
  • Fixed Reboot when alarmclock without entries is used (ID: 47912543)
  • Fixed problem when connecting to a different Miniserver (ID: 47598969, 47708665)
  • custom heating/ cooling period on intelligent room controller does not work (ID: 47688242)
  • Fixed exporting stats with special characters (ID: 48027028)
  • Extended detection of crash files (ID: 39905412)
  • Fixed GW program type numbering (ID: 48031673)
  • Fixed special character in doorcontroller (ID: 47202121)
  • Meltem M-WRG-S Template Added (ID: 48026088)
  • improved query for geo coordinates (ID: 48174148)
  • blue color for external memories (ID: 48124063)
  • collapsing entries in status dialog (ID: 48172319)
  • updated device search message (ID: 48197015)
  • fixed shown status for digital inputs (ID: 47246104)
  • fixed automatic mode for automatic-blinds (ID: 46497779)
  • sauna with vaporizer fixed phase 1 (ID: 47916362 )
  • Fixed Gatewayfile conversion with interconnected memories (ID: 48171776)
  • Missing events for hourcounter fixed (ID: 48184076)
  • air device analog output is not sent any more if it is not connected in config (ID: 47922126)
  • fixed central object from version 6.3 to 6.4 (ID: 48172036)
  • Load custom temperatures fixed (ID: 47440329)
  • added timing parameters to modbus extension (ID: 45474020)
  • Drexel und Weiss Template edited (ID: 48039887)
  • new icon for Miniserver-search (ID: 48451906)
  • validating value range on random generator (ID: 48811972)
  • Client connection problem fixed (ID: 47950111)
  • Event memory leak fixed again (ID: 45269654)
  • export gateway document fixed (ID: 48562484)
  • Fixed crash when deleting miniserver (ID: 48661042)
  • Sauna fixed (Tn and Td 0) (ID: 47593192)
  • Fixed Visualisation for DMX Search (ID: 47698749)
  • Westaflex WAC 350&351 Template added (ID: 48184541)
  • first time gateway creation fixed (ID: 48033284
  • update alarmclock when manually changing the Miniserver date (ID: 47589298)
  • Prepared Data Dump on MeterInt (ID: 49396749)
  • Files sizes not updating (ID: 46196557)
  • Logging/Tracking Option displayed twice fixed (ID: 48579893)
  • add all extensions on initial Miniserver configuration (ID: 48442029)
  • new Pico-C functions added (ID: 49519278)
  • wrong page reference when copying page (ID: 45127577)
  • added separator between general and specific scene options (ID: 49326428)
  • fixed battery device frequency change (ID: 49056133)


Known Issues: (?)

Backups on Client/Gateways lead to Miniserver reboots

Under special circumstances the Client Backups can’t be used for bringing the Client Miniserver back to an old version. It leads to Miniserver Reboot. It works perfectly on the Gateway Miniserver

Important: Update of version 4.2 and lower

Due to a size limitation in these versions, an update from 4.2 to 6.2 is only possible by first upgrading to version 5.1 or 5.0.

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