Look Ma, No Wires!!!

A familiar knock at the door from the UPS man, and i have another box of Loxone goodies!

Air products seem to be the way forward, well at least that seems to be where Loxone are developing more new products. On the one hand I feel quite disappointed, surely a system at the heart of the home should be hard wired? or should it?

For the first time since embarking on this project I’ve managed to install kit without the assistance of my electricians (it felt quite empowering). The first product out of the box was the “Temperature & Humidity Sensor Air” at £69 it seems a little expensive to me, but taking into account the fact that any idiot (i.e. me) can install it, perhaps it is worth it.


Its a very simple white box, which has been installed in the bathroom, its mounted at head height, with just 2 screws, and no wires to run!, our bathroom is slightly odd shape, but the main thing is it’s out of sight. Who wants a box on the wall sticking out?


Internally there doesn’t appear to be much in the box, i’ve not read a lot about how long the batteries last, but the recommendation is to leave the default scanning time of every 30 minutes enabled within the configuration. I’ve set mine to every 3 minutes, will report back on how long batteries last in the sensor.

Throughout the day the sensor has been reading approximately .5 of a degree centigrade higher than the 1-wire sensor behind the light switch, another thing i am go to keep an eye on.

Also in the box, was an additional Air IR Controller, Multi-air Extension, 2 Water Sensors and 2 Door / Window Sensors.

The Multi-air extension is being installed in the new cabinet tomorrow, along with a pair of water sensors, a new DMX Air module, and a couple more wired temperature sensors, one for the new hot water tank, and the other to measure the temperature of the loft.

Report to follow.




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