IR Extenders!

On a recent project we’ve installed a 4 way HDMI matrix for a customer, one thing that was omitted from the original spec was a way to control the Sky box from another location. Aside from replacing the matrix with a model twice the price, there didn’t seem to be much in the way of an alternative.

I’d have loved to get some Loxone kit into the customer, but the budget just wouldn’t stretch to it, and it might possibly be overkill to use a mini server for IR extending!

One of my colleagues pointed me in the direction of Lindy, i’ve bought a few of their products, but hopefully I’ve now found a potential way to solve the problem, and for a reasonable price.

Installation is tomorrow, so i’ll update the post as soon with its success or failure (hopefully the former).

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  1. Update:

    I’ve given up on the IR over CAT5 extender now, with two faulty units shipped so far, we offered the customer an Android tablet to solve the sky remote problem, he wasn’t happy with that as a solution, so we’ve ended up asking the sky installer to run a new length of Co-ax and install a remote eye. The only additional piece of hardware is a dongle sky sell which has 2 RF connectors on it, for the new model sky boxes which don’t have RF built in.

    Seems like a real kludge to me, why Sky bothered to take it out of the device i have no idea.

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