Intelligent Heating Controllers!!! BAH!!!!

I’ve spent all morning working on a problem with the heating controllers on a Loxone system. They might be intelligent when they work, but…. feed them bad information and there’s no easy way to clear the history of statistics without creating completely new heating controllers in the configuration.

My only real complaint about the whole Loxone setup is the lack of documentation, for instance with the Intelligent Heating Controller there’s no information about for instance how or more importantly when it learns the dynamics of a room. According to my heating man, most BMS’s have a configuration parameter that defines when it can learn, apparently this is not the case with the Loxone system.

I’ve ended up creating 2 new controllers today, in the hope, that now the heating system is in full use, the mini-server can now learn correctly, and start working the way its intended.

The other important lesson i’ve learn’t to is that just labelling the display tag as “Heating Controls”, looks very neat, but unfortunately makes troubleshooting a bitch!

Loxone Heating Controller Block
Loxone Heating Controller Block

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  1. Many of the intelligent heating features discussed above are now built into new heating control products available  on the market today, and over the next few years they will become far more commonplace.

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