Humax HDR 1100 Freesat Recorder

Back in January we cancelled our Sky subscription and replaced the Sky receiver with a Humax 1100, after the initial excitement of getting the box, and finding out that it can be controlled with the iPads, I quickly lost interest in the unit and left my it to my wife to use.

In theory the whole iPad to control the box sounds really cool, in reality its not that great a solution in our opinion.

The only alternative to control the box was the remote control, so with our new IR AIR modules I spent a good 2 hours reading in the remote control, then assigning it to the various modules. I can’t say it was a pleasant task, the Humax remote certainly isn’t the best quality, and I had quite a few misreads, very frustrating indeed.

Anyway we are now able to use the remote control for the box, and its far more usable than the iPad solution.

As soon as i can find a way to add the loxone config file for the remote I am planning on creating a repository for remote information on this site.

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