Does the perfect low power video streaming device exist?

Since we cut the cord on subscription TV (Sky), we’ve moved to streaming services.

Initially it wasn’t a problem, as our Sony TV supported both services. However recently Sony discontinued support of Microsoft Silverlight on our particular model, and removed the icon! so its time to find a new device.

We have both Amazon Instant Video and Netflix subscriptions. There seems to be plenty of support for Netflix, with every device we currently have  having an app, the Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, PS3, and Xbox One.

Amazon Instant Video has an app on the Xbox, PS3, Xbox One and of course the Fire TV box. I thought the Amazon FireTV was going to be the low cost, low power consumption box of choice, but for some reason its not playing nicely with our Sony AV Amplifier, causing breaks in the HDMI chain.

In our search for the ultimate box for viewing we came across the Roku. It looked perfect, the box had a picture of Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and several other TV services, whoopee! we thought, we’ve got it here, when the box first started up and went through the configuration process, it asked us if we wanted to subscribe to Amazon Prime, we clicked no as we already have the subscription, and thats the last we’ve seen of Amazon not the device 🙁

After doing some research it would appear that its not supported on UK model Roku’s. Sky are apparently an investor in Roku, and have changed the rules for adding channels  in the UK, NowTV? thats a different matter, you can run that on the Roku.

For the present time, we’ll use the Xbox One for Amazon Instant Video, but i’m not happy with that solution as the power requirements  are 20 times those of Roku / Apple TV / Fire TV boxes.

There must be something out there?

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