CES : Samsung Booth

Its safe to say that i’m not the biggest fan of Samsung kit, but I was pleasantly surprised by their efforts at CES this year. The booth opened with an amazing display of 4k TV’s on motorised mounts moving all over the place (mind you they did a similar thing last year), which looked and sounded amazing.

Welcome to Samsung

As an incentive to browse the booth, there’s a Samsung CES 2016 app you can download, there are beacons in 6 areas, and you have to spend 3+ minutes in each.

The app seemed to work great on my iPhone 6 Plus, but there did seem to be some issues for iPhone 5s users as my buddy will confirm.

Once all areas had been visited you were given a coupon code to redeem against a 2500mah battery pack, a nice little freebie indeed.

I’ve not really looked at their smart watches before but with 3 minutes to lose, I took a look at the Gear 2 Premium, I have to admit to being more than a little impressed with it, the controls make far more sense than the Apple watch, but i’ll let the pictures say it all.

I was massively impressed with the device and it was a complete surprise to me.

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