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More Coloured LED Strip

May 29, 2015 Rob 0

I’ve decided I should leave the wiring on my installation to the electricians, they do a far neater and quicker job than I am capable of, saying that I did manage to install another strip […]

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The joys of HDMI!

March 3, 2015 Rob 0

I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 hours troubleshooting an HDMI issue between my Sony amplifier and TV. With the TV in the lounge and the AV kit in the garage, with only a single […]

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The Brains Of The House!

May 25, 2014 Rob 0

Well the downstairs kit is now in place and running, we have the following kit on the ground floor: 1 x 24 Volt PSU 1 x 12 Volt PSU 1 x Mini-server 1 x Dimmer […]

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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

May 21, 2014 Rob 0

Its been a long couple of weeks, but the loxone kit is now fully up and running in the house. There’s a lot of tidying up to do in the cabinet but here’s how we’re […]

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Thanks Mr UPS Man

May 13, 2014 Rob 0

The kit has been delivered: Final kit list: 1 x Mini server 2 x Dimmer Extension 1 x Extension 1 x Air Module 2 x AIR DMX Module 1 x Infra-red Extension 4 x Remote […]