Sonos Issues

February 11, 2017 Living With Loxone 0

We’ve used Sonos around the house for 6 or 7 years now, and until this week had no issues to speak of. All that changed this week when one of my direct neighbours moved ISP […]

CES 2017 : Synology

January 10, 2017 Living With Loxone 0

I’ve always had a certain fondness for Synology, I truly believe that they have the best NAS devices on the market currently, this year they’ve also released a router with the same interface.  I was […]

CES : TP-Link Talon

January 11, 2016 Living With Loxone 0

2016 is going to be the year of the BIG router! seriously,┬áit felt like the manufacturers were trying to beat each other on size alone! My personal favourite was the Talon, it must be almost […]

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EE 4G Service

November 28, 2015 Living With Loxone 0

I recently took a business trip to a client whose office is in Manchester airport, sadly for them their internet connection is probably the lowest speed I have seen recently, and its getting worse, last […]

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Unifi Wifi

October 24, 2014 Rob 0

Well the new wifi points have been installed for about a week now, and i have to say they are providing much better coverage than the single Netgear unit they replaced. One of the main […]