Bye bye Loxone forums…..

As of today the official Loxone community forums have closed to new posts, a visit to the forums, now results in the following page.Loxone Community Forum

The forums are available in read only format, according to the last post from Loxone there are no plans to remove them just yet.

A number of community members have created new forums, but i do wonder how successful they will be with the branching off.

Google Groups:!forum/loxone-english

Loxusers :

Loxforum : (Currently only in German)



  1. Hi Rob,

    I have created a proper ENGLISH Loxone Forum and am trying to get everyone to join forces there to build a really strong English community. I see the closure of the Loxone forum almost as a chance to start something new and better. A community where English is the the bolt on language, but the ONLY language.

    It would be great to see you there.

  2. Have registered in the last couple of days, like the style of the forums I have to say, but my worry is that the damage has already been done by Loxone, the forums were disabled pretty much within a few days of the announcement.

    As you say Andrew, lets hope my worries are unfounded.

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