Amazon Fire TV is here!!!

Several months ago, i received an email from Amazon asking if i’d like to purchase their new Fire TV box, i figured I couldn’t go wrong for £50, and ordered straight away,

Well it arrived today, and so far i am impressed. It certainly feels like a well made and solid box, my initial impressions are that the software is very intuitive.

We have been using Apple TV’s for our set top boxes, but the selection of services they provide are quite limited, for instance i can watch Netflix, but not Amazon Prime Video, we can stream video files to the Apple TV’s but… they can only be streamed from an iTunes library, without hacking around with the unit.

The Amazon box supports both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video obviously, but also supports Plex media servers with an appropriate download which i think was about £3.

Full review will follow, as we’ve used it more extensively.

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